TdF Day 6!

Today I actually spun through the rest of that gorgeous fiber form Woolgatherings, but now I’m confused about what to do with it. I was really hoping to ply them together so I would end up with these long color repeats. But as I was spinning today, I realized I made a HUGE error when I divided the braid. Even though the two pieces were kind of close in weight, one half was considerably wider than the other. Which ultimately means that the second single I made, which is only a quarter of an ounce larger than the first one, has much longer color repeats than the first one I spun.

Still, they came out beautifully enough. Maybe I’ll leave it unplied.

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One thought on “TdF Day 6!

  1. What if you navajo plied each of them? You could pick a project, like a shawl, where you’d need the longer repeats at the bottom and then transition to the shorter. : ) Either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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