That’s right, y’all, I did it!! And two days early, too!

Title: It Sucks To Be You
number of sex scenes: 1
number of main characters offed: 1
number of extremely evil agent Smiths: 1
number of mid-size cities nuked: 1
number of zombies blasted in the face with a shotgun: a shitton

We now resume our regularly scheduled knitting programming.

6 thoughts on “やった

  1. HOORAY! We both made the Weiners’ Circle! (Now if I could get my husband to quit walking around saying “WINNER WINNER CHICK-EN DINNER!” Sheesh.

    I had a birth, a death, and a nekkud priest within the first 1000 words,but it was all downhill from there. My characters knew at the BIRTH that they had to sail to Hellas from Kemet. 50,000+ words later they’ve made it as far as Crete. Oy.

  2. Congrats on the win! I was very happy to make it to 50K this year, too. And now we shall knit like the wind to make Christmas presents…

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