I maded some yarnz!

A couple of months ago, Kris (aka The Painted Sheep) had a destash, from which I scored a lovely Blue Moon Fiber Arts sheep 2 shoe kit. Of course, I don’t know anything about spinning for a specific project, so I disregarded the instructions completely and made 110 gorgeous yards of fluffy yarn for a hat (or something):

I finished it up last night. Isn’t it purty?

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Extinct Invertebrate, Knitted

E5 has been on a sea-creature kick lately. It all started with seals and penguins, but has evolved into octopuses and other coleiods. When he found the ammonite fossil I keep in my desk drawer, he demanded a knitted version. Luckily there was already a pattern for one.


As you can tell, he really likes it.

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1 Wedding and an Update

This weekend we traveled to Pennsylvania for the wedding of Karl’s cousin. E5 was the ring bearer for the ceremony and was just about the cutest little ring bearer I ever saw.

He was very dapper indeed.

It was a really lovely wedding and we all had a wonderful time.

For the trip, I optimistically brought 2 knitting projects to work on and 2 books to read. I think I knitted about 2 rows of this and read about 2 pages of this. We were so busy running around that time to do more just never materialized. Furthermore, I was away from the internet, like really really away, for the first time in forever. Amazingly enough, I did not die! It was an interesting experience to say the least but boy did I have a lot of junk email to delete when I got home!

So now we are done running around and going places for the summer, thank goodness! We can spend the remaining weeks of hot weather relaxing and trying to stay cool. Hopefully I can get some knitting done too. What are your plans for the rest of the summer?