How to Darn Socks

Yarn Harlot Style!

Hold the socks over the garbage can.

Proclaim loudly, “Darn it!” and release.

Repeat as necessary.

I admit, this is a rather disappointing development, considering that the socks in question were only a few months old. However, I have now learned a hard lesson about taking care of hand knits, even if the yarn is “superwash”. In the future, I will still use my washing machine to wash my hand knits, but only on the soak cycle and with a wool wash like Soak or Eucalan (and bad me for abusing the socks the way I did).


Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, belated salutations, anyway.

I hope you all had a wonderful time feasting and visiting relatives (if that applies). I am only taking short break from novelling to check in. Please enjoy these pictures of my finished Charade socks.

And a closeup of the heel:

And the purl side for those of you who are into that sort of thing…

I cast them off on Monday night, just in time to show them off to my MIL who made all the appropriate noises of amazement.

Now, back to the grindstone!


Photo Finish

The first of my secret knitting projects is done, but you have to be on Ravelry to see it (sorry!). My Ravelry name is CTJen if you want to check it out. I even had some yarn to spare–about a yard.

Talk about a photo finish! I’ve started the next secret project (photos next time) and am already almost finished. Which is great because, in anticipation of cooler weather (we’ll get that eventually, right?), I’ve been anxious to cast on a sweater for Isaac. It’ll be the same as the one I knitted for E back in March, only bigger. I plan on finishing that in the month of October because I may be too busy in November for knitting. Still no guesses as to what I’ll be doing?

Also, I forgot to post photos of my Pirate Club booty! Isn’t it pretty?

It’s the Merino/Tencel blend, so it’s all soft and squishy. I love the colors–very apropos for fall.

Finally, here’s the progress I’ve made on the Charade sock in the Yarn Pirate’s Rum Runner colorway. As you can see, it’s coming along nicely. :-)