Saturday Stoup

The other day I was chatting a friend of mine and, on a whim, I asked her what she was making for dinner. She said she had “salsa chicken” going in the crock pot and explained briefly how to make it. Unfortunately it was too late in the afternoon for me to make a crock pot meal, and my kitchen was entirely too messy for cooking right then anyway. But yesterday was one of those extremely rare days when I actually had my shit together before 10 am, so I decided to try my hand at “salsa chicken”. It turns out that I didn’t have any of the same ingredients she used on hand, so I improvised.

Everything was from Trader Joe’s (as usual) except the red salsa which was Full Circle brand from Big Y. You can use whatever YOU have on hand.

1 (16 oz?) jar green salsa
1 (16 oz?)  jar mild red salsa
1 15 oz. can tomato sauce
1 15 oz. can black beans
2 frozen chicken breasts
2 frozen chicken thighs
1/2 bag baby carrots

Dump everything into your crockpot (I used my smallish one) and cook for 8 hours on low (or until the chicken is done). Shred the chicken, serve over rice or in tortillas. As you can see, I chose the rice option. Yum! (I also tossed a couple of steamed broccoli florets into with mine for good measure). You could add a bag of corn, which is what my friend does, but my children detest corn. That’s right. My kids hate America. Whatever. Go over to my friend’s blog and bug her for her recipe if you want to try it her way. Hers might involve cheese.