A Lizard Adventure

Tonight, as we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, Isaac pointed at the ceiling and yelled “OMG THERE’S A LIZARD IN OUR HOUSE”. Doozer was really excited. I had the mister grab a glass and capture her so we could get her safely to the outside, but not before I snapped her picture. Seriously? I’ve seen spiders bigger than this:

So I guess this is like a normal thing now that we live in Florida. Random lizards just invite themselves to dinner. So much excitement.

Spinning · Tour de Fleece

tDf day 10!

Day 10, whew. I am a bit behind on my housework and so I didn’t get much spinning done today, although I did do a little.

And, as a bonus, look who I found clinging to a beach towel in my laundry basket today:

This wee tiny little thing was so cold from being in the AC that she could barely move. Not sure how she got inside or how long she’d been in here, but she was definitely happy to be back outside in the heat. She scampered off as soon as was warm enough.