doctor who


Okay, it’s been too long since I’ve blogged, and I have a lot of
catching up to do.

1st: I discovered today that my favorite blogger, the Yarn Harlot, is
an honest to goodness writer. I know, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. The
Yarn Harlot is a wonderful blog about knitting, et al. and I highly
recommend it. Follow the link. Her most recent post is what inspired me
to write today!

2nd: Church. I’m still attending the services at St. James and am still
loving it. This Sunday I will be baptized along with my boys and I am
very excited. I experienced something really amazing a couple of
Sundays ago while taking Communion and I’m not even sure how to explain
it. I was nearly overcome with the most intense feeling of being
connected to this community: the community of Christians. But not only
those around me, but those all over the world and all through the
history of the Communion–all the way back to Christ. I have had
feelings like this before, but never so strongly and never with such a
specific act. I will say again how happy I am to have found this.

3rd: Doctor Who. I am such a GEEK! OMG I am really enjoying Doctor Who!
Doctor Who is AWESOME! :-)

I know, that last bit was rather annoying, and I was going to write
more. I will just have to come back to it later since the baby is