For about 2 weeks now, I’ve had the word “copacetic” stuck in my head–kind of like a catchy song, only not as fun to sing. I tried to fit it into blog posts or use it in my everyday speech, but I didn’t really know what it meant, so it just sounded lame. Then, we got this cat:

He is the most mellow, laid-back cat I’ve ever met. He fell asleep on my lap and I moved him to Isaac’s lap for a photo (note that he his still asleep).

Then, I moved him up to the chair-back so Isaac could get his jimjams on. Here he is, letting E poke him in the eye and say “eye” (sort of sleeping).

Here he is still after I got both kids down for the night (sleeping).

Don’t get me wrong, he runs and jumps and plays just like a normal kitten. He is just so happy to be with people. He wants to be cuddled under the covers. He wants to be petted and loved. He happily submits to E’s open mouthed kisses and finger prods. He’s more than willing to be carted around in a basket by Isaac.

Anyhow, a visit to yielded these results on a search of the word mellow. Note that a synonym of the word “amiable” is, you guessed it, “copacetic”. I think the universe was sending me a message. Among the plethora of synonyms for copacetic are pussycat, groovy, and doozie. We finally settled on “Doozer” for a name. What do you think?