I took the boys out to run some errands today. You know, hit the grocery store, the health food store, clean out the car, etc. While I was cleaning out the back of my car, look what I found:

A ball of pink and white variegated Sugar and Cream, purchased back in October (according to the receipt which was in the same bag).

I have a vague (extremely vague) recollection of purchasing this yarn and some of the other stuff listed on the receipt, but I have no clue why I decided to return it or how it ended up under a pile of crap so enormous that it was ultimately forgotten. I guess we’ll never know, but at least I get a cute pink and white variegated dishcloth out of the deal.

One thought on “Found!

  1. Hey Cool! Like Magic Pockets from High School only with Yarn… I wonder if I forgot anything….
    (Going to go clean out closet and hope)


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