Monkey Sock Parade

There are 435 Ravelry members working on the Monkey socks right now. 296 members have the Monkey socks in their queue. Check out all the Flickr photos of Monkey socks (there are more than 6,000). And mine are just about done (yay!).

Here is the second Monkey on Sunday, enjoying its morning coffee. I’ve now turned the heel and am working on the gusset. More photos later.

3 thoughts on “Monkey Sock Parade

  1. Oh man. I think you just crossed a line. First you knit beautiful socks and now you are making beautiful still life photos with them.

    Maybe you can shoot knitting for books and websites as a professional….

  2. Thank you for your comment! Nice socks, love the colors you’ve chosen, thanks to you I’m knitting I’m own monkey socks (I don’t know exactly when… but I’ll knit them!). I hope I’ll get my Ravelry invitation soon!

    All the Best
    Chuana :)

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