Booty Club photos!

I just nipped out to the mailbox, and much to my surprise and delight, found that Booty Club yarn has arrived. Let me tell you, this club continues to kick serious ass. Look, needles! I didn’t even order needles. And, in 2 different sizes. Yarn Pirate, you rock!

This is not a colorway I would have picked out on my own at a yarn shop, but seriously, isn’t it awesome?!

Also, as an added bonus, I have the joy of hearing my two-year-old say, upon spying the yarn pirate logo, “Pirate, arrr!” Cute!


A Shopping List of Sorts

This weekend is Rhinebeck. I am very excited as this is my first year attending. The boys are looking forward to seeing all the fiber bearing creatures and I will bring the Turkish Spindle I picked up at the CT Sheep and Wool festival to see if someone will volunteer to give me an impromptu lesson. (Hey spinners! If you see me, HELP!)

Also, I am looking forward to the shopping. I don’t have anything in particular I am shopping for, but I won’t pass up the opportunity to purchase Cat Bordhi’s book should it arise. Also, if I spy some Socks that Rock or Fleece Artist, it’ll probably find its way home with me. (Yes, I am aware that I could get this stuff online, but what’s the fun in that?)

Are you going to be a Rhinebeck this year? What are you planning to buy?