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There is a Splog out there, using a bot to scrape content from my site (et al.) and post it randomly as its own. This is also known as stealing. If you are reading this on any domain other than, then you are reading stolen content on a splog. I’m not going to link to the splog, because that just makes the splog appear legitimate and we don’t want to do that. Splogging and blog scraping is apparently a growing problem in the blog-o-sphere and there really isn’t a lot we can do about it. I am going to file a DMCA notice with the splog’s host and hopefully they will take the splog down. I know there are other knit blogs that have been scraped by this splog and I encourage all of them to file a DMCA notice as well.

5 thoughts on “SPLOG!

  1. Interesting. How did you find out about this? What is it, anyway? Is it someone who wants a knit blog, but is too lazy to do it themselves?

  2. Amazing how many ways there are to cheat. I’m not sure of the point of scooping up content and calling it your own. There got to be some kind of monetary gain it the practice. Go figure. or are they stealing photos to doctor into kiddie porn?

  3. Well I tried and tried but I couldn’t access the buggers, I kept getting message that the site was suspended because it violated the rules of service.(Not sure whose rules though) So maybe your (& other’s) objections were not in vain! Of course, the spam/sploggers will probally find a work around, they always seem very determined to steal. Does it help to turn off the blog feed option?

  4. Thanks for stopping by! The post I posted titled Post Scraping went to that site-lol. I’m not sure what their motive is. There are no adds on their site. Someone mentioned that they get paid for clicks at their site-not sure about that. I have filed a claim with GoDaddy about this. If they would have just asked, posted it was from me, and included a link-I wouldn’t mind so much. This site has already been terminated at another host and moved on. Now we gotta get them terminated again. Aaahhhh!

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