cute kids

Right now…

…at this exact moment, a thunderstorm is passing over our home. The kids, still not in bed, are standing next to me on my chair, looking out the window, watching the rain and lightening. Here is what my youngest said to me when I explained to him that it’s only the weather:

it’s nothing afraid.
no robots.
no ghosts.
no monsters.

Exactly. Now, time for bed.


F is For…

Fatigue, as in project fatigue, which seems to be going around, and is partly the reason I’ve been a boring blogger lately. The endless stockinette stitch on the sleeve of Isaac’s sweater does not make for interesting knitting or knitblogging. My husband has tragically enormous feet. I no longer need or want a Clapotis. I am considering giving up on the master knitter program. I am longing to cast on a new project, but am racked with guilt. Shouldn’t I finish my other projects first? I mean, I should at least finish the TKGA, right? I was going to try to have it in the mail by yesterday. Train-Zoom.

In addition to project fatigue, certain forum discussions over on Ravelry have been far more entertaining than my life and my knitting so I’ve been spending all my time there rather than living a life to blog about or even knitting on my boring projects.

Anyone else with project fatigue? What do you do when you are bored with the projects you are working on? Do you push through and reward yourself with a new project only when you’ve completed them? Or do you cast on a new project right away, and stuff your boring projects into the bottom of your knitting bag where they won’t bother you any more? Any ideas for an exciting project to get me out of my knitting slump?