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A Hat, Unoriginal

I’ve had some Schaefer Kathleen yarn kicking around in my stash for a while now. Picked up on sale at a not-so-LYS this summer, I had a very hard time settling on a project for it. The yarn is gorgeous and I am so in love with this colorway that I want to marry it. (No really. I knitted my Clapotis (a pre-ravelry/pre-blog project) in this colorway and I also have it in a hank of sock yarn. Love it.) So, with the Sweater of Rassilon on a time out right now, I pulled this yarn out of my stash and started poking around on Ravelry. Thank goodness for the miracle of Ravelry–someone finally posted a project in this yarn that wasn’t a scarf and only needed one hank of yarn.