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Chasing the Wooly Dragon

Oh my goodness but this spinning thing is addictive. I mean, I knew that from before when I was doing it with my drop spindle, but holy mackerel, spinning on a wheel is like freebasing fiber.

And now I’m out of fiber*. What to do, what to do… Who’s your favorite fiber pusher dealer?


*Yesterday I mailed my fleece to the Still River Mill to be processed, so in a couple of months I’ll have that… I can’t be expected to wait that long for a fix, though…

7 thoughts on “Chasing the Wooly Dragon

  1. If I ever have money (or space for yarn and fiber- my drawer is now over filled) again, I’d like the Tango Handpainted from the Painted Sheep. And you shouldn’t do the subscription, because you’ll have regularly scheduled deliveries, but your interest level will shift, and when you’re on a binge like this, you’ll run out too easily.

  2. I love Paradise Fibers! I have ordered way to much from them over the couple years I’ve had my spinning wheel. Although, I rarely spin.

    Well done by the way!

  3. I hit the local festivals. We have a lot of alpaca festivals around here, and then there is the Wool Market, too.

    It is like freebasing…I mean…if I knew what freebasing was like…you know….

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