A new trend, perhaps?

My first finished object in 2010:


A woven dishcloth with a crocheted edge. I borrowed a friend’s Hazel Rose loom and wove it while our two sets of kids played and we visited. I might be hooked on this weaving thing; a Hazel Rose loom is on its way here as we speak.

6 thoughts on “A new trend, perhaps?

  1. Now THATS a dishcloth! BTW–the christmas dishclothes you sent me work great! Something in the knit that makes it lacy and “rough” really cleans up dishes! I love the colors too although, sadly they are soon to be white! Love you!

  2. I’ve recently become fascinated with the concept of weaving, however I did that with spinning, and bought a wheel, and have woefully neglected it. So I’m trying to resist, but I do think its a good way to use up a lot of yarn!

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