What a Day (and a FO)

Today was one of those days where I was busy all day, but as I’m looking around, it doesn’t seem like I accomplished much of anything. The sink is still full of dishes (I only did them one time today) and I still have a huge pile of laundry (I am Sisyphus and laundry is my boulder). But, I did do the dishes one time, and a couple of loads of laundry. I also made dinner in the crockpot, baked cornmeal biscuits, and made rice pudding (yum!), and went to orchestra tonight.

And, earlier this afternoon I finished a project I was working on for the concert in May.

The plan was to design a shrug to wear for the concert, and I had dutifully combed through stitch pattern books, measuring myself and making pictures of what I had in mind. And then I was in the shower one day when it dawned on me. Why not Clapotis as a shrug? The Shrugpotis, if you will.

It came out perfectly–exactly as I imagined.

(But it turns out that it’s exceedingly difficult to take a picture of yourself wearing a shrug.)

This is a project that almost never was. It was cursed, CURSED I say. Early on, I got up one morning to find the swatch I’d been working on had been neatly severed from the ball and much of the ball had been carried/strung/unraveled around the house. (Lolly has a thing for string.) Later on that day, I learned that she had eaten a substantial length of it. Just how did I learn of it? Let me just say it wasn’t pretty and that she is a very lucky little kitty. Consuming string is dangerous for cats. Add to that the numerous mistakes which ended with me frogging the damn thing no less than three times. BLARGH! I came this close to throwing the whole thing, needles, stitch markers, and all, right into the fireplace. But I didn’t. I persisted, bleeding, sweating, crying. I was monumentally relieved and pleased with myself to be done with it. Also, it looks fabulous.

6 thoughts on “What a Day (and a FO)

  1. Lovely! The shrug turned out absolutely gorgeous. And I love the shot with your horn… even if I can’t quite tell what it is. =p My sister plays trumpet, and I do love the way the brass instruments looks all shined up and stuff.

  2. OMG do you have a silver trombone?? LOVES! :D It matches with my silver trumpet!! And the shrug is awesome too…but what is “frogged”?

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