Well Then, That Was Interesting

I wish I could say that it was a lovely day to be at the beach today, but it wasn’t. Although we did have a fun time, it was far too windy and cold to say that it was “nice”. I think the temperature might’ve gotten up above 60 but the funny (and I don’t mean funny “ha-ha”) thing is that the wind probably did too. There’s nothing like sitting on the beach getting sand blasted. Not only did I not take my knitting out, I didn’t take my camera out either. Which is fine, because when we got home I found sand in places I thought would have been safe from the wind. Like the inside of my ear. Still, the kids (it was my 2 and my friend’s 4) all dug holes in the sand and sat in them, which looked like it could’ve been kind of fun. And at least we weren’t sitting at home, doing laundry. I’m pretty sure watching the kids dig holes in the sand and sit in them is rather a bit more fun than doing laundry. Any day.