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Big Day Today

1. I finally got around to picking up a couch we ordered from Ikea back at the beginning of October. Now that it is in my house I despise the color, but I know I’ll get used to it. Also, I will be able to tone it down with some contrasting throw pillows and our gigantic sheepskin. We haven’t had a couch since June (or before, I can’t really remember when the last one gave up the ghost) so the cats are extremely excited to finally have something to sit on. I am too, I admit, even though the thing is rather a bit more orange than I had expected.

2. I finally succumbed to peer pressure and talked my husband into upgrading from our crappy little cell phones to iPhones! After I finished assembling the couch we packed up the boys and headed over to the Apple store. We had to wait in line about 2 hours, and then it took a while to get the account set up since we switched from AT&T to Sprint (sorry AT&T!). But now I has an iPhone!! w00t!! Follow me on Twitter (@kniterrupted) because, theoretically, I can now tweet the crap out of everything.

3. I continue the slow march through Catkin chart 1. Here I am, a little way past the halfway point where I am very nearly about to run out of orange yarn. I suspected the yardage would be extremely tight, but I took a gamble on it anyway. Needless to say I’m not thrilled. Option 1: buy another hank of STR and be guaranteed the colorways won’t match. Option 2: frog it and reknit without the orange garter stripes in the first section. The colorway will match, but reknitting. Neither option is particularly appealing.

4. I cast on a plain and simple sock, specifically for knitting abroad. Isn’t it purty?