So the temperatures around these parts have been more and more consistently in the  “cold” range. Which means, unfortunately, that our house is rather a bit colder as well. Cold enough that even the Mister, who generally eschews foot coverings unless going outside (and then it’s only shoes, no socks), asked for a pair of slippers. And, since I love my husband, and I am a knitter, I knitted up a pair of Felted Clogs for his size 13 feet.


I’ll be honest, these are the 3rd pair of these slippers I’ve knitted since the weather turned cold, and I have not been happy with any of them.

The first ones I made were for myself. I misread the end of the pattern (I don’t know how that is even possible) and I somehow convinced myself that I was supposed to do something (namely to knit 3, k2tog all the way around) which made the openings too tight and I had to cut the rolled cuffs of each slipper just so I could get my feet in. The second ones I made were for my sis. I must have had the stitch count wrong on one of them, because the shape of it is all wrong and it doesn’t stay on her foot when she walks.  Sadly, this pair for my husband has the exact same problem, one wonky slipper that doesn’t stay on when he walks. I was sure that I was conscientious of my stitch count for these, as I was trying to avoid the wonkiness problem I had with my sis’ slippers, but alas. Still, they will keep his feet warm while he is working/gaming/watching TV and that was their intended purpose so I guess it works out.

Moreover, the first pair I made this season have developed a hole in the sole, because I am too lazy to track down slipper bottoms for them, and should probably cast on a replacement pair soon. /sigh/ It’s a good thing I love knitting!