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tDf: Wrap up post

Well, I definitely did not finish the Tour De Fleece and I had hoped to. I did manage to make some very lovely yarns though, and so I am happy. All together I came in at just under 840 yards of yarn, which isn’t too shabby, actually, and once my mini dehumidifier arrives I can get that alpaca yarn dry once and for all and start spinning again. In the mean time, I finished a dishcloth:


And started a baby sweater using my hand spun:

Oh my goodness, y’all, this baby sweater is so freaking pretty, I can’t even words.

2 thoughts on “tDf: Wrap up post

  1. I like that dishcloth! And that handspun baby sweater is freakin’ precious! :D

    Oh, and good luck with the humidity. It’s the bane of my existence this time of year. : /

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