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Been Busy

This poor blog which I’ve barely touched in a year. My poor knitting projects which have laid idle for months. It’s been kind of busy around here, as you can imagine and I wonder how anyone will find read these posts anyway now that google no longer supports reader. Then again, maybe that’s for the best and I will start writing for myself again, like I did back when my blog was good. Anyway, in the meantime you can always find me tweeting @kniterrupted. It seems the most I can manage right now.

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Hahaha Joke’s on Me

So then yesterday I made a post about how I wanted to blog more and then today I went back to Facebook and Twitter and did the exact same thing!! I logged on this morning and pretty much hung out there all day. I shared links and all my random thoughts and I didn’t blog instead at all! I think what I really need to do is change my routine. Right now I get up and make coffee and then browse the social medias while I wake up in the morning. It’s kind of like the way people used to read the morning newspaper only with people I knew in high school and whatnot. And then, instead of signing off and staying away for the rest of the day, I just kind of hang out. I think tomorrow I will try reading my kindle over my morning coffee instead.

I admit that it’s been hard to stay away, especially since Friday. I have opinions, dammit! I’m just too tired to post about them there. I kind of wore myself out on Facebook, even though here, the Blog, might’ve been a better place for it. Alas. Instead, here’s a link to the Rude Pundit. He said it better than I could have anyway.

Today wasn’t totally wasted on Facebook (which, I think, means I did a better job than usual). I made marshmallows!

om nom nom!

Aren’t they pretty and festive? Also they taste like peppermint.


If only I could turn it into REAL money

My blog is worth $11,290.80.
How much is your blog worth?

(Thanks to Wovenflame for the link!)