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Totally Random Monday

1. The alpaca handspun has been locked in a smallish box with the mini dehumidifier I ordered from amazon for several days now. Very soon, maybe even tomorrow, I can either wrap the skeins into hanks or get started knitting with them. There is much to do, what with only 149 days until Christmas Day.

2. I finished the hand spun baby sweater:

It still needs a wash, but I think I’ll call it done for now anyway.

3. I thought I might’ve had enough leftover yarn to make a cute little hat to go with it but alas:

It wasn’t meant to be.

4. Lolly has, at long last, warmed up to Snowflake enough to share the big poofy cat bed (actually a bean bag chair) with him.

As you can see, he’s rather pleased with himself.

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tDf: not related to tDf at all

Since I’m still waiting for that alpaca yarn to dry, I decided to go ahead and order one of these. If this doesn’t work to dry my hand spun yarns, nothing will and I’ll probably have to only wash yarns in the “drier” season. Which I’m told is what passes for winter around these parts. In the meantime, I shall comfort myself with the cutest wee tiny cookie jar ever.

(actually it’s a mug, but it’s too cute to use as a mug I think)

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Totally Random Leap Day

1. This morning I woke from a dream where I was frantically trying to knit a sharktopus for a boy in a wheelchair who desperately wanted one, but no matter how many stitches I knitted, I was never any closer to finishing it.

2. I have a cardiac stress test today. I’m a little stressed that I have to drive over to the testing place in the snow. I wonder if that will affect my test? Also, I did not know we were supposed to have a snow storm today and so did not get to do any PANIC shopping. Even though we have plenty of food in the house, I am stressed about it. I would call to reschedule my test, but I’ve already rescheduled it once and I just want to get it over with.

3. I’ve been working on some orange socks to use up the last of the 2nd hank of STR from Catkin.

4. Speaking of which, check out the nifty thingamabob my husband got for us to use on our iPhones:

Essentially, it’s a rubber band with a phone-sized lens in the middle. You put it around your iPhone, line up the lens with your camera and it makes it so you can take cool macro photos with your iPhone! Check it out:

4. Hubs and I finally got through all of Downton Abbey. OMG YOU GUYS HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SHOW? I know, I’m a little late to the party. If you are even later to the party than I was, you can check out the whole first season on Netflix streaming. PBS has some (but not all) second season episodes available as well. I’m not sure how long they will be legally available online, though, so you better clear your schedule and make plans to not sleep for a couple of days to get through them all. Or become a pirate. I suppose that’s an option as well. Arr!

5. Leap Day 2008: Finished Object Friday

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Random Monday

1. I’m such a big fat liar. I never stopped by here this weekend to post pictures of my knitting. Mostly it’s because this weekend was kind of weird and partly because I haven’t taken any pictures of knitting in a good long while.

2. I have knitted the first section of my Catkin, the section with the garter stitch stripes, and have moved on to the textured section which is a single color. It’s extremely slow going because I have to pay attention to the chart and literally cannot do anything else. I can’t watch TV or even attempt to carry on a conversation. Must. Focus. On the. Chart. Ugh.

3. I still have not blocked my sister’s shawl. 2 weekends ago, she came over and we were going to do it together, but we pretty much forgot all about it. And, as I said, this weekend was kind of weird so it still isn’t done.

4. I want to do it on the weekend so she can help me with it, because that thing is enormous.

5. I suddenly realized that I may not have enough pins for blocking it. Crap.

6. The NY S&W festival is this coming weekend. I have to be honest, my enthusiasm for going this year is waning. There isn’t really anything I want (or have to) buy there, and I can’t eat the food, so there is a whole other level of schlep involved which makes the idea of going much less appealing. Hrm.

7. I’m pretty sure that even if I do decide to go, I won’t be wearing a finished Catkin as I’d originally planned. The damn thing just requires too much concentration.

8. Here is a picture of Doozer in a box.

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Some Things: An Update

1. When we finally ventured out after TS Irene blew through, we discovered a tree down on our street:

Thankfully, it was considerate enough to fall away from the wires. We would have certainly lost power if it had fallen the other way.

2. Today, I made one of these:

What is it, you ask?

A Kindle cover for my new Kindle (which arrived just this week)! I used this pattern from Etsy and I am so happy with it. I am also happy with my Kindle. Now I can take all my books wherever I go, and in a stylish cover too. I love living in the future!

3. I have a bunch of stuff on the Kindle, but right now I am reading Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Steampunk/Zombies=awesome!

4. I have made serious progress on my sister’s shawl! I have only half repeat of the tiny triangles left to go! And then it’s on to the edge! I’m so thrilled and excited I can’t tell you. No pictures, right now though. It still looks like a blue blob.

5. It’s Labor Day weekend! Thank a union.

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Dear Blog,

I haven’t forgotten you. I hope to come back tomorrow with a post, but we shall see. In the mean time, here is a picture of Lolly in a chicken hat.

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8 Random Things for a Sunday

1. Work on the Blue Blossom Shawl is progressing swiftly now, without all those stitch markers slowing me down.

2. I’ve gotten through 6 repeats of the twee little triangles and have only 6 more to go.

3. I was busy goofing off with my TAS today and so didn’t get any pictures of it (or anything else, really) today.

4. We went shopping.

5. I got a new dress and a KitchenAid mixer!

6. We’ve been watching Jekyll on Netflix.

7. It’s really good.

8. Like, really really good.

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Well, hey there!

Wow, it’s already 11pm. I just got back from orchestra (well, about an hour ago I did, but I had to do some things before I could get to the computer).  It was our dress rehearsal for the concert which is on Sunday. What a great rehearsal we had! We sounded awesome! I counted all my counted measures properly and I didn’t miss any of my entrances. You should’ve been there! Because, of course, you know that we’ve jinxed ourselves for the concert and we’re going to totally suck. /sigh/

I was going to snap a picture, but of course I forgot my camera. FURTHER! I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t think of a way to wrap up this post, so I will just say GOOD NIGHT! And I’ll see you tomorrow. Cheers!

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Saturday in Pictures


E5 in the hair chair

Thyme/rosemary/oregano from Trader Joe’s on the left, lavender from the Sheep & Wool festival on the right. (the center pot is waiting for flowers)

Mother’s Day sushi dinner. E5, always in motion.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Oh My Would You Look at the Time!

Yup, it’s late. After 11pm and I still don’t have a blog post up. IN ADDITION! I am having an incredibly difficult time coming up with something to blog about. AND SO!  To that end, something completely and utterly random: my to-do list for tomorrow.

1. Get to the bottom of the laundry hamper. I know this is a tough one, especially for this family of four, but I’m this close…

2. Get my hair cut. I actually cannot remember the last time I had a hair cut, which definitely means it’s time for at least a trim. My appointment’s at 1 pm.

3. Give the mister a hair cut. Always fun. BZZZZZT!

4. Get the boys’ hair cut. Every one’s looking a little shaggy here, I guess.

5. Get the herb plants I bought this week planted into my containers. I’m not a very good gardener, but I like to at least make a token effort this time of year.

6. Get at least 1 pattern repeat of my sister’s shawl done. I’ve managed to do 2 repeats so far, so there’s only 10 more to go!

What do you all have to get done this weekend?