In Which I ponder Christmas in Florida Before Showing You the Contents of My Uterus.

So I guess this is a thing we do now: take the kids to the pool the week before Christmas.

Eventually I know I will get used to the (exceedingly) subtle change of seasons here, but for now it feels weird to be trying to get into the Christmas spirit when it is 80° outside. One thing I have noticed is there are a LOT of Christmas lights down here, sometimes whole developments get into the spirit and when you’re driving around at night, you get these glimpses of entire streets, lit on both sides with house after house covered in lights. I admit that it almost makes up for the lack of cold weather and snow. Almost.

And, the other thing, which I have told the social medias but not the Blog, is that I am pregnant! Here is today’s u/s

This has been a pretty rough pregnancy so far. Being pregnant at 39 is waaaaaay different from being pregnant at 29. Seriously. For real. But things are moving along and the baby looks great. Also, we’re having a girl, so there’s that too. Which reminds me. I knitted up a BSJ a while back, but now that I know it’s a girl, I think I’d like something a little less neutral and a little more girly. You think it’d sell on Etsy? There are matching bootees too. :-)


Random Baby Surprise Jacket

When my friend Adrienne announced at the beginning of summer that she would be knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for one of her college professors, I knew I just had to make one too. I don’t know why. I’m not having a baby. I figured I could just put it in a box and save if for if we ever decide to have another one, or if anyone I know has a baby. And then I got tendonitis again, and I almost put this project on semi-permanent hibernation. But, as soon as my arm was feeling better, the noodle-cooking siren song that is the BSJ drew me right back in and I finished it.


Now, onward.