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Friday marked another year, another birthday. 40 wasn’t too terrible, if y’all were wondering. I expect 41 will be about the same.

Photo on 5-16-14 at 2.41 PM #2


In Which I ponder Christmas in Florida Before Showing You the Contents of My Uterus.

So I guess this is a thing we do now: take the kids to the pool the week before Christmas.

Eventually I know I will get used to the (exceedingly) subtle change of seasons here, but for now it feels weird to be trying to get into the Christmas spirit when it is 80° outside. One thing I have noticed is there are a LOT of Christmas lights down here, sometimes whole developments get into the spirit and when you’re driving around at night, you get these glimpses of entire streets, lit on both sides with house after house covered in lights. I admit that it almost makes up for the lack of cold weather and snow. Almost.

And, the other thing, which I have told the social medias but not the Blog, is that I am pregnant! Here is today’s u/s

This has been a pretty rough pregnancy so far. Being pregnant at 39 is waaaaaay different from being pregnant at 29. Seriously. For real. But things are moving along and the baby looks great. Also, we’re having a girl, so there’s that too. Which reminds me. I knitted up a BSJ a while back, but now that I know it’s a girl, I think I’d like something a little less neutral and a little more girly. You think it’d sell on Etsy? There are matching bootees too. :-)

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Happy September

O Hai, blog. It’s September already. I’ve had a pretty good couple of weeks. We survived a glancing blow from our first major tropical storm, Isaac. Omg, so much rain! The canal behind our place got SSSSOOOOO FULL!

(here’s what it looks like normally) We were really lucky, although we did get a leak in the ceiling which got our TV wet. The big thing is our power never went out and so we never lost our sweet, delicious air conditioning. So, yay!

Then I tortured Lolly for fun.

And, yesterday, I cut off all my long hair.

I really admire people who can get good iPhone-in-the-bathroom-mirror shots of themselves. I had such a hard time posing myself, lol.

Also, I’ve been knitting, but of course there aren’t any pictures of that.

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Nature Drama!

Today I glanced out the window with the corner of my eye and saw a bunch of ducks in the parking lot walking past the window. “Aw,” I thought, “it’s a duck parade!” But when I grabbed my camera and got a better look at what was happening, this is what I saw:

The ducks were shooing a pair of black vultures away from their favorite area under the bush beneath my window. Once they had convinced the vultures to move a comfortable distance away, they smugly returned to the shade and safety of the bushes. At least 4 of these guys were fuzzy little ducklings when we first moved in.

Here are the vultures looking all dejected.


So they wandered over to the dumpster in hopes of a snack that doesn’t fight back.

But as I was getting ready to put my camera away, I noticed I wasn’t the lone spectator of this tiny drama.

This very lovely red-shouldered hawk was also watching. And waiting.


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Lunch, A Short Play in Three Acts.

Act I:

Me: Guys what do you want for lunch?

Chorus (of children): I don’t know!

Me: How about a Sunflower butter and jelly sandwich?

Chorus: I don’t know!

Act II:

Me (goes to the kitchen to make sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches)


Me (places sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches on the table before the chorus)




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Box Hell

can’t blog now stop completely buried in boxes stop will check in next week stop here’s a cat picture instead stop


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Almost done!

Well, we made it! We got down here in time to move in on the 31st!

We really love our new place and we are just waiting on the movers to deliver the rest of our stuff. It was supposed to arrive today, but evidently the truck broke down in Georgia. They rescheduled us for tomorrow, which means today I need to clean up and get ready. Here’s my new kitchen:

And here is my new rug:

Also, meet Snowflake, our new cat. He comes to us from old friends who were leaving the Florida sun for Seattle rain and weren’t able to bring him with them. We got down here just in time to keep him out of a shelter, which turned out to be fortuitous for all of us. He is a very sweet boy and makes a wonderful addition to our family. He and Doozer are already buddies after just one short week. Lolly is taking a bit longer to accept all these changes, but she’ll come around eventually. She is able to tolerate being in the same room with him, so that’s something. So many new and exciting things! How has your week been?