Dear New Projects,

I love you. I really, really do. I’m so glad I cast you on.

I could knit you forever and ever. You truly have restored my love of knitting and given me hope for my knitting future.

See you soon!

All my love,



it’s more serious than I believed

My knitting groove is so thoroughly off that I completely forgot about Knitting Group on Friday and scheduled not one, but two appointments, and will be unable to go. I am becoming alarmed.


My Groove is Slightly Off

I’ve cast on and frogged the same shopping bag about five times now. I really want to knit a bunch of them, but I just don’t have the right needles. I ordered a circular needle from Patternworks, but it isn’t here yet, so it looks like I will have to take a break from this one.

I cast on for the socks but my gauge doesn’t match the pattern’s gauge. I’m trying to decide which to adjust–the pattern or my gauge. Having cables involved complicates things a bit. Maybe I will have to design my own toe-up cabled socks?

I haven’t yet cast on for the Booga Bag. Perhaps I will move on to that and make some progress there, but I’m skeptical.

Also, I should probably work on my swatches, but until I get my groove back, I think I’m just going to stay away.