Newsday Tuesday Returns

A BBC news spectacular!

Hamster prices in China skyrocket.  (Which is too bad, really, since rats make much better pets.)

World’s Fastest knitter to defend title. 85 sts/minute! Dude.

Saudis Ban Valentine’s Day. No Babybel cheese for them!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Newsday Tuesday 5

And now, the news.

Ohio School shooting –well, duh.

Marilyn Monroe pictures–who owns your image after you die?

House of Representatives’ resolution on Armenian Genocide–anyone remember the CURRENT WAR IN IRAQ?

Al Gore wins Nobel Prize, media wonders aloud if this means he will run for president–Al shares the prize with 2000 others, btw.

Tomorrow, a thank you speech. Have a great day, everyone!


Newsday Tuesday 4

Massive political protests in Myanmar become massive human tragedy.

50 years since Sputnik!

Apple turns its favorite new gadget into an expensive brick.

Poor Brittany! Now she’s lost custody of her kids. I’m sad. :-(


Newsday Tuesday 3

Stories that caught my attention for 5 minutes this week:

Taser dude.

MIT chick.

Insane world leader.

Back to the newsletter!


Newsday Tuesday 2

OMG, what in the hell is going on with OJ?

EPA cleans up Anthrax contamination.

Retirees give up knitting for wii.

Yarn Harlot to appear in Wichita (yes, this is news, apparently!). I especially loved how the bookstore owner was surprised that people from miles away were registering the event. “It was then that I realized that this had mass appeal.”

Happy Tuesday, everyone! See you here tomorrow for International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

off topic

Newsday Tuesday

Here’s a new feature on my blog rounding up the news stories I’ve been following this week. What news have you guys found interesting this week? (Thanks to Rachel for the great idea!)

Britney bombs at the MTV VMA.

Senator Craig tries to put the cat back in the bag.

Incident at Applebee’s in KY sparks nurse-ins in other states.

Doctor Who Series five postponed until 2010.

General Patraeus presents his report to congress on the progress in Iraq.