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Newsday Tuesday

Here’s a new feature on my blog rounding up the news stories I’ve been following this week. What news have you guys found interesting this week? (Thanks to Rachel for the great idea!)

Britney bombs at the MTV VMA.

Senator Craig tries to put the cat back in the bag.

Incident at Applebee’s in KY sparks nurse-ins in other states.

Doctor Who Series five postponed until 2010.

General Patraeus presents his report to congress on the progress in Iraq.

4 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday

  1. I quite like Brits,

    One thing is for sure that she has received huge coverage again. If she had been good on stage then we would have heard nothing or at least much less.

    I don’t know? Maybe when you have reached that level of celebrity you have to be really bad to be any good?

    I shouldn’t make the parallel but I will, Michael Jackson


  2. Yay for the BF Moms!

    Maybe it’s just the area. I’ve bf in Applebees quite a lot, come to think of it…

  3. Just cathing up on your blog. I like the shoes. They look like the ones we saw at the mall before vacation.
    On the news… Britney. It makes me feel for her. Us mommas know how hard it can be in general nevermind being Britney Spears. She needs the media to let up a little as well as the public. She battleing addiction, possilbly post-partum depression, and she’s recently divorced. As for her abs? The woman just had two babies, of course her abs don’t look the same. Come on people!
    I guess I’m feeling emapthetic today.


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