Some Days Are Like That

The sound a 5 year old makes about 10 seconds before he throws up is enough to wrench a co-sleeping mother from the deepest of sleep. It takes only slightly longer than 10 seconds for that same mother to race to the kitchen and return with a bowl into which the 5 year old can make his deposit. I wouldn’t be complaining too much if he had managed to get out of bed. At least it would’ve been on the floor. I would have been able to just clean it up and get back into bed and sleep another hour or so. No. Instead, he just leaned over the edge of the top bunk and vomited all over my comforter. Of course, there was considerable spillage onto my mattress, too. *sigh* I am thankful, however, that he didn’t get me or the baby.

Since my washing machine is too small to handle my comfortor, we ended up at the laundry mat directly after services today. I guess it wasn’t too bad. My guys had a great time playing with another kid who was there. We would have gotten out of there much sooner if I had remembered how to work the washing machines at a laundry mat. I’ve gotten spoiled, having my own laundry here at home.

I was going to say that the good news is I got a start on my dishcloth at the coin-op, but the baby just pulled it off the needles and I will have to restart it. Damn.

3 thoughts on “Some Days Are Like That

  1. Who but a Mother could speak so eloquently to beginning one’s day exhausted but energized and able to appreciate the humorous antics of a helpful toddler? Good writing Jen, as your writer’s voice emerges, listen! Love You! Your Mommy

  2. Hey great post! definitely keep writing, as per your resolutions on the previous post.

    sounds like a delightful day. :)

    have you seen my blog lately?

    Love ya!

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