We’re Back

We’re home from our trip to Florida. I must say that in spite of my husband’s granddad being ill and dying, we had a wonderful time. Please say a quick prayer for him as he will be greatly missed by his grandson who has many funny stories of him.

While we were there, we stayed with my hubby’s grandmother. She lives in this beautiful condo/retirement community in Juno Beach which has rental units for visiting families. This is the information sheet we found in our room:

Note at the top what they have to say about children. We had fun anyway. There was a lovely pool. Well 3, actually–a spa, a lap pool, and one they called a walking pool which had a gentle current that carried you round and round. Here’s my oldest next to the walking pool:

It was too cold for the Floridians to go to the pool, so we pretty much had them to ourselves (awesome). In fact, when I mentioned to grandma that people could do like they do in the arctic and jump back and forth from the cooler (85 degree) pool to the hot tub, her reply was “This is a place of old people.” I laughed.

In addition to the pools, they had a library, an art room, a dining room where hotel/buffet style meals are served 3 times a day, and a game room, et al. It’s a fancy hotel for old people–a way to retire in style, provided you have enough money.

Speaking of old people, our children were a constant source of entertainment for them. Everyone we passed in the hallways or in the dining room or strolling along outside just loved smiling at the baby and watching my 5 year old’s antics. All in all, we felt very welcome and enjoyed our visit very much.

Here I am with E on the Juno Beach pier–very lovely.

We took a two day, three night break from the old people, and headed up to Disney World. Now, I have lived in California, not too far from Anaheim, and I have been a stubborn fan of Disney Land ever since. I have many, many happy memories of Disney Land, as we went almost every year we lived there–sometimes more than once. That being said, Disney Land sucks ass compared to Disney World. I’m sorry, it just does. It’s bigger–the streets are wider, even Cinderella’s Castle is bigger, the monorail is longer (and more usefull). Here is Isaac in front of the castle:

Yes, he is wearing his winter coat. It was very cold that day. But we had fun anyway. Here’s the baby, asleep in the stroller on Main Street:

It was a great day, even though it was so cold. The kids had a blast going on the rides–sometimes more than once–and we grown-ups had fun watching them have fun.

Finally, I didn’t do as much knitting as I’d hoped to. I made some progress on E’s sweater and finished my Jan mid-month dishcloth. Isn’t it pretty?