Best Birthday Present Ever

My birthday presents arrived today (a month and a half early). I’m starting to wonder if this knitting-geek thing has gone too far.

Behold my wooden swift:

Gaze upon my new wool winder:

Attend, ye, my perfect center-pull yarn cakes:

I’m going to go root through the rest of my stash and see if there is anything else that needs winding. Then I’m going to go get the dental floss. I wonder if I can use it for speaker wire?

3 thoughts on “Best Birthday Present Ever

  1. Ahem! What ever happened to the “I don’t like center pull balls” that you were telling me, what, a mere 2 months ago when I was weeping over my own sock yarn in a tangled mass on the table due to a failed attempt at hand winding? I do say…they look loverly! I still have to get mine….no…I’m not jealous…much…


  2. I LOVE winding yarn. I have spent a fair amount of time looking at prices on eBay (no deals there BTW) and drooling. But it is a good thing I don’t have one, just because I think that center-pull dental floss would prove to be difficult.

  3. Hi there
    I love yarn winders. Dental floss? How about when you’re done with your yarn you come over to my place and do mine as well? This will keep you winding for a while. I love your site!


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