It has been a while since my last post and I think I ought to take care of that, even though there isn’t much to post about.

As far as my knitting life goes, I’m just about done with Isaac’s Ribwarmer.

The challenge in this has been that EZ’s original directions are for a kind of one-size-fits-most-adults in a worsted weight yarn. I’m knitting for a 5-year-old in a chunky acrylic (ick) blend. It’s been a great project, though, and I can’t wait to knit about 500 of these for Christmas gifts. Let me tell you, if you have not done one of these, run to the bookstore and pick up Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop. This is the most amazing pattern and has really changed my perspective on the applications of knitting. Thank you to the Yarn Harlot for alerting me to the joys of knitting with EZ! I can’t wait to do a Baby Surprise Jacket (where knitting meets origami).

I have completed the first swatch for the TKGA Master Knitter Program and I am having second thoughts about jumping into this. I do not enjoy swatching and am feeling very intimidated about doing the required research paper. Granted, it only needs to be two pages long but I am doubting my ability to go on for two pages about the care and blocking of knits. Also, I have only done one swatch (and it’s not perfect) and the others are ahead of me. Maybe I will do another swatch today.

On to things other than knitting… I discovered the World Handwriting Contest today. (The website is dreadful, but the contest sounds like a lot of fun.) I really want to enter, but am not sure if I have time to practice. I loved practicing handwriting in grade school. I remember spending almost the entire summer between third and fourth grades practicing cursive writing. The way the graphite from my pencil would flow out onto the page into beautifully connected letters and words was so relaxing and almost hypnotic. It seemed like I’d write and write for hours.

Finally, today is Easter. Here are the boys hunting for eggs in the living room:

And look, here they are playing NICELY with each other for a change:

This lasted for all of thirty seconds; thank God I got a picture. I would have thought I imagined it otherwise. They have been fighting almost continually for the past week and I am starting to loose my mind.

Happy Easter everyone, and Happy Knitting!

Update 4/9/07: I finished the ribwarmer last night. Check out the gallery for pictures!