My Groove is Slightly Off

I’ve cast on and frogged the same shopping bag about five times now. I really want to knit a bunch of them, but I just don’t have the right needles. I ordered a circular needle from Patternworks, but it isn’t here yet, so it looks like I will have to take a break from this one.

I cast on for the socks but my gauge doesn’t match the pattern’s gauge. I’m trying to decide which to adjust–the pattern or my gauge. Having cables involved complicates things a bit. Maybe I will have to design my own toe-up cabled socks?

I haven’t yet cast on for the Booga Bag. Perhaps I will move on to that and make some progress there, but I’m skeptical.

Also, I should probably work on my swatches, but until I get my groove back, I think I’m just going to stay away.