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Taking Care of Business

I’m actually getting knitting work done. Here is the Booga Bag:

It’s officially off the needles, but I haven’t felted it yet, so I’m not counting it as a FO. It’s in the laundry pile and will be felted tomorrow.

Here are the Monkey Socks when I started them a couple of days ago:

And here they are tonight:

I’ve started the heel flap and will probably finish the first sock this weekend. This is an awesome pattern. If you haven’t knit these up yet… Go. Go now and knit one up. I’ll wait. … … See? Isn’t is awesome? The pattern repeat looks very intricate, but it’s actually very simple. Thank you thank you thank you Cookie A. I love it.

I’ve also done another swatch for TKGA and reknit one of them. Photos of those to follow at a later time.

Lastly, we’ve had Doozer for almost 2 weeks now and he ROCKS. He fits in so well with our family, it’s like we’ve always had him.

Cool, right?

3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business

  1. How Cool! Love the Booga Bag… Been eyeing the Monkey socks. Must add to my to do list. But I have to say, seeing Doozer with the boys justs tops it all. Gotta love a kitty like that!

  2. That picture is adorable! I might do the Monkey socks too, but my sock chi is really off right now. Maybe in the fall. Love the colors on the bag.

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