A Letter

My Dearest Monkey socks,

I could never stay mad at you for long. Your beautiful Tofutsies yarn in colorway 728 and delightful Cookie-designed lace are too delicious for me to resist. I’m so glad we made up. Even though I had to rip back your perfectly turned heel, attractive stockinette heel flap, and one repeat of the lace pattern, I still adore you. Thank you for being so forgiving of me. I know that our bond will be ever greater.

Your Knitter

3 thoughts on “A Letter

  1. Is this an ATTEMPT at forgiveness via the act of forgiving, and thereby getting the monkey socks to behave as if it had been forgiven?

    Or is this a serious act of mercy? If so, attributing human characteristics to inanimate objects is cause for alarm. You’re off your knitting rocker!


  2. Now, Jen, you need to re-read this post. How could you even think of abandoning something you love so much? You just stay away from those streetwalkers, ooops I mean jaywalkers. They are nothing but trouble.

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