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And now…

…to continue our series on knitted biology, I give you:

Knitted DNA from Kimberly Chapman

“This is a knitted model of DNA, complete with GC/TA base pairs represented by orange-green bars with a pointed join and blue-yellow bars with a stepped join (because there weren’t enough stitches to make a wave or curve), replicating the standard simplified DNA model. As you can see from the pictures, it also makes a good toy insofar as it holds its shape while squished or stretched, because it is stuffed firmly with cotton balls. It also can be balanced on its end with some effort.”

Link via Boing Boing.

4 thoughts on “And now…

  1. wow that knitting biology is something – strangely lifelike… Not sure how I feel about that. ;0

    I’m Jen, your Blog Reader for SOS, just letting you know I’ve subscribed to your blog feed and look forward to reading about your socks. If you haven’t checked in with me yet, please drop me a line so I know when you’re blogging for SOS. I’m at knittingsutra AT gmail DOT com. Sock on!

  2. Wow…I was going to say something about the cool DNA – and then I saw that we have yet another doppleganger! Really and truly, Jens are going to take over the world. We are so weirdly attracted to one another… :D

    Seriously, the DNA IS Cool!

    Jen. D.

  3. Love your website, Jen and I absolutely lovely seeing this. So strange, and yet so cool…


  4. This one is great! I think I want to knit it for a geeky friend who is a biologist and having a new baby. Do I have a friend like that? I must find one!

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