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Self Portrait Ski Mask

This post from Craftzine made me LOL:

Made on a hacked electric knitting machine. Make sure you check out the awesomely geeky video too!

knitting oddities

More Knitted Biology

Check out the awesome anatomically correct knitted brain at The Museum of Fabric Brain Art. I love that it has a zipper for joining the two hemispheres! (Thanks Craft Magazine!)

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Knitting doesn’t belong everywhere.

A bar in London commissioned two designers to cover their interior with hand knitted and hand knotted cord.

(more photos by Mark Wu)

While I agree that the effect is nothing short of amazing, I can’t help but think that it will be a bitch to clean. Also, they might find they spend an inordinate amount of time untangling the drunks.

(Link via craftzine. Thanks!)

knitting oddities

Teddy Bear Anatomy

Stephanie Metz\'s Teddy Bear Skull

It’s not exactly knitting, but check out this artist’s amazing portfolio. She uses needle felting to create life-like wool sculptures. Beautiful.

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More Biology in Knitting

No WsIP to share today so how about some knitted biology instead?

CraftyHedgehog\'s Disected Frog

This gorgeous dissected frog is from CraftyHedgehog and the pattern is available for download on Etsy. (She can also be found on Ravelry.)

knitting oddities

Hello, Literoticans!

I was going to post this on your board, but am too lazy to sign up for an account. I just wanted to point out that has a bunch of odd stuff to knit. My favorites? The knitted uterus and the knitted breasts. Enjoy!

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I am really not sure what to think about this… (Link via BuzzFeed, thanks!)

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More Knitted Biology

Remember this? And this? Check this one out:

an anatomically correct knitted heart, complete with valves and chambers. Designed by Paul Magnusson of Whidbey Island.

You can find the pattern for the heart here. Paul also designed a knitted hip replacement (scroll down for the hip) and some other neat stuff–a beautiful afghan, and even a camouflage suit! He is an interesting character and an amazing knitter. He and his wife have been knitting together for about 40 years.

Paul, thanks for the links and the permissions to post about your knitting! :-)

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Extreme Knitting

Check out this lady in the UK. She is going for the world record in needle size, knitting with needles that are 4 metres long (that’s a little over 13 feet long for you yanks).

Extreme knitting is an art that uses between 20 to 40 strands of wool in one stitch. The result can be seen very quickly and Ingrid can create a sofa throw in about 12 hours.

She also uses strands of recycled material tied together to create colourful rugs and is holding workshops to share her talent.

Sounds like fun, but not very portable! Also, I’m pretty sure this guy beats her for largest needle size (click on “work” and follow the links under “big projects”. You’ll see what I mean.).

knitting oddities

And now…

…to continue our series on knitted biology, I give you:

Knitted DNA from Kimberly Chapman

“This is a knitted model of DNA, complete with GC/TA base pairs represented by orange-green bars with a pointed join and blue-yellow bars with a stepped join (because there weren’t enough stitches to make a wave or curve), replicating the standard simplified DNA model. As you can see from the pictures, it also makes a good toy insofar as it holds its shape while squished or stretched, because it is stuffed firmly with cotton balls. It also can be balanced on its end with some effort.”

Link via Boing Boing.