There has been a surprising lack of progress being made on the knitting front (hence all the random posts about things not related to knitting). But people out there have been getting shit done and I have been feeling the pressure of binding off my first project of the new year. That isn’t going to happen, people, partly because I am slightly bored with the projects I’m working on.

socks for ezra

Socks for EZ-E. I decided to do an afterthought heel (as discussed recently over at the YH) so right now this project is just knitting, around and around until they are the right length.

furry scarf

A furry scarf to go with the hat I am making for my Totally Awesome Sister. It’s plain garter stitch, back and forth back and forth, until I run out of yarn.

isaac's sweater

Lastly, a sweater for I-6. I’ve finished the shaping and am now just going around and around in stockinette stitch until it’s long enough. Also I really don’t like this yarn.

Anyone sensing a trend here?

On the upside, I found these at a new-to-the-area supermarket the other day.

I can’t tell you how tickled I was. Would you like a Jelly Baby? Hah!