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My 2-year-old’s hilarious speech impediment

What I am about to share with you is the absolute truth. I am not exaggerating or making it up. I swear to God I am not kidding about this.

E2 cannot say cracker properly. I’m okay with this as he is only 2, and it really does make for some interesting kitchen chatter. Also, it causes us adults to collapse on the floor into fits of giggles every time he asks for a cracker. So, here I am sitting here at my computer, checking email, etc. and Mr. Interrupted is in the kitchen, feeding the wolves children their after dinner snack. E2 enthusiastically cheerfully chimes in with his vote: “I want f*ckers! I want cheese and f*ckers!”

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I recently overheard a certain 6 year old say, while getting into bed and giggling uncontrollably, “Don’t go near the carnies*, dad! They’ll take all your money!”

*(I hope I haven’t offended any carnival workers, but it was darned funny!)