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Hello, Literoticans!

I was going to post this on your board, but am too lazy to sign up for an account. I just wanted to point out that has a bunch of odd stuff to knit. My favorites? The knitted uterus and the knitted breasts. Enjoy!

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Geek Out Instead

I was going to offer you a long post describing, in somewhat painful detail, the process I am going through as I struggle to decide who I will cast my ballot for in tomorrow’s primary. Hillary? Obama? Obama? Hillary?

But then Boing Boing posted this link for all the Macophiles out there. I’ll think about the election tomorrow.


Master’s Monday 5

Inspired by a friend who is whipping out her swatches with obscene speed, I worked exclusively on my seed stitch this week. (I apologize for the lighting in the photos. It’s gloomy here this morning!)

Here is the blanket square I’m going to send to Maryse:

Here is the alpaca scarf I’m knitting for EZ-E (Isaac will get one, too):

Obsessed? Yes, I was. And here is the resulting seed stitch swatch.

I feel that it’s much better than my past swatches and that once I wet block this sucker, it’ll be even better. Thanks for all the great suggestions. The solution seemed to be to tensioning my yarn around my pinkie finger not once, but twice. This made all the difference in the world. I’m moving on, people.

Swatch 1.