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Super WTF Tuesday

Something happened to me today that has never happened to me before. As I was standing in line to get my ballot, a sudden realization struck me–I still hadn’t decided who I would be casting my ballot for. I got very nervous; my heart leapt into my throat. I took my ballot to the booth and I stared at it like I was from another planet, not knowing what to do next. Their names burned on the page. I took a deep breath and closed by eyes, searching my heart. I strained to hear a single name, rising above the cacophony of internalized political adverts and talking heads, the answer to my question. I looked again at the ballot and my eye was drawn to a name. I sighed, relieved, and bent over the page with my pen to fill in the oval and cast my vote. But then I was overcome by another moment of indecision. If I’d had a coin I would have flipped it.

Did you vote today? Was your decision easy or difficult?

PS–>my Totally Awesome Sister has a great post today about the primary vote. Check it.

3 thoughts on “Super WTF Tuesday

  1. Good job! Why all the indecision? It seems like lots of people are suffering from that in this primary. I on the other hand have not had the problem of “too many choices” Go figure. BTW, Obama won our county caucus big time, about 85%. I knew he was doing well but that just blows my away. Hillary just barely got the minimum 15% here. And last night was a fire marshals nightmare at our caucus. The turnout was remarkable, thousands showed up instead of the few hundred that usually do here and 2/3 or more were young voters. These college kids have really been working the system for Obama. And that is refreshing and encouraging to me–our current Administration has really done us a great service and cured voter apathy!

  2. I didn’t register for a party so I didn’t vote in the primary. Is CT one of the states where you don’t have to register to vote in a primary? Do you get to vote in both primaries then? That would be weird.

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