Don’t Be a Douche.

Lick My Sticks posted an excellent rant about the rampant douchebaggery out there in the knit-blog-o-sphere in general and on Ravelry in particular. She says:

I have come across some really miserable people on Ravelry. People that go out of their way to make snippy comments about other bloggers, someone’s preference to acrylic or “throwing” method of knitting, etc. I know, I know…knitters are just people, and well…a lot of people are assholes, but I tend to bury my head in the sand and go on thinking we’re all sort of in this together. I tend to think that we would celebrate each other’s accomplishments and mourn together when we accidentally felt that beautiful cabled sweater. But I have, more often that once, seen this branded as “pathetic” and most recently as “treating knitting like a disease”. What?

Check it.