Drive By Link

Hey, I was going to come and do an update post, but since I don’t really have anything to update y’all about, I’m just going to leave this here instead.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! I might stop by with some knitting photos on Sunday.

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This Is Not the Post You’re Looking For

Blaaaargh, I’m so so tired today. I was going to do this long thoughtful post on yesterday’s final launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Sadly Fatigue is getting the better of me today and I’d much rather just sit here and sit still, maybe to knit, but probably not. So, in lieu of a thoughtful post from me about the shuttle Endeavour, I will point you to a lovely collection of photos on the Flickr blog. Bonus! A picture of me holding a photo taken by yours truly of the day Endeavor was rolled out (of the hangar where it was constructed).

My high school wind ensemble was there to provide the music for Rockwell’s pomp and circumstance. It was pretty fucking cool.


Happy Starwars Day!


It’s Good Friday

Zombie Jesus day is just around the corner!

Furthermore, if you haven’t already, check out the Brooklyn Bunny Cam. It’s exactly like the Truman Show, only with a bunny.

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Drive By Blog Post

I’m just popping in here (you know, because of that daily obligation thing) to say that after a typical day of running errands, folding laundry, unloading and loading the dishwasher, making dinner, and unloading and loading the dishwasher again, I’ve decided to go ahead and get off the computer now and do some knitting. Have a wonderful evening/night/morning (depending on what time it is when this post reaches you)! <3

Also, here is a picture of an octopus. Have more than one octopus in your tank? Surprise, it’s not a tangle of octopi.

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No Knitting Here

I’ve been doing an astonishingly little amount of knitting lately. I mean, I fiddled around a little with the yarns I got at the yarn tasting and, in so doing, learned that I do not care at all for those tape yarns but that the CEY Seedling yarn is actually quite nice. Then I got out a ball of leftover cotton and knitted about half a little baby hat, but when they didn’t have the same colorway at Joann’s today, I came home and ripped it out. I realize now that I could have just finished it off with a coordinating color, but I just didn’t care enough. It’s not like I don’t have a shawl on the needles, and one that I really should be working on. It’s not that I don’t have plans for other stuff. I’m just, I dunno, taking a little break I guess. It’s like that sometimes, I suppose. But it doesn’t make for very interesting knit blogging.

Anyway, to that end, here are some things which amused me on the Internets this week:

Funny British Animal voice overs=LOL.

4th wall? What 4th wall?

This is highly funny to me on many levels.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Time Management Fail

So yup. It’s nearly 9 pm and there isn’t enough light left for a decent photo of the sleeve of my sweater. Which I totally have been working on, like ALL DAY. I swear. No, really.


Hey, look what I found on the Internet today!

It’s the Vlogbrothers! They’re pretty fucking cool if you haven’t seen them yet. Hank’s explanation of the nuclear disaster in Japan is excellent.

Speaking of the nuclear disaster in Japan, XKCD has a really interesting info graphic up, although at least one person I showed it to today thought it was too complicated. She called it a tc;dl. Hrm.

My mother-in-law just emailed me this movie:

That little girl deserves an Oscar. She reminds me of one of my favorite Ray Bradbury stories, actually (spoilers at the link, fyi).

Lastly, try to forget the chilling Ray Bradbury tale and watch this, the cutest thing on the Internet FOREVER AND EVER:

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Here’s a Thing

I heard about this project from Ellen at and Allison at SpinDyeKnit on this week’s “Resurgence of Knitting” hour of On Point w/ Tom Ashbrook. It’s the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads project.

[I] invite any and all knitters who would like to join in to knit a hat (sizing information here) for their own congressional representative, whether Senate or House.  Ask them to email me, perhaps send a photo or link to a Ravelry project, and let me know to whom a hat has been sent.  I can track who is being covered (literally!) and if anyone wants to knit more than one hat, they can send them to me and I’ll handle mailing them to a rep who hasn’t received one yet.

I will be knitting a hat for my Representative, Chris Murphy, and I might just make one for the Republican Mayor of my town (who’s twitter and FB feeds are often havens for Democrat bashing). Groups for the project can be found both on Ravelry and on Facebook. If you do participate, please be sure to email Ellen so she can check off your congress person. :-)

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Self Portrait Ski Mask

This post from Craftzine made me LOL:

Made on a hacked electric knitting machine. Make sure you check out the awesomely geeky video too!


Linky Thursday

It’s been a lazy day here. I had to get up early to chisel our car from its icy tomb. Then I took a nap, after which I knitted my Baktus while watching the protests escalating violence in Egypt. Also, I surfed the web. Here’s some stuff that amused me.

And how was your day?