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You Know You Do Too

I have a friend who is doing me an enormous favor by giving me weekly acupuncture treatments and only asking that I cover the cost of the needles, which turns out to be about $10/treatment. I offered begged pleaded with her to let me pay her for her time but she flat-out refused, so I decided to knit her a thank you gift. My first idea was to knit her a pair of socks, and I went online and ordered some lovely yarn. I must have forgotten about it because the very next day, I decided that she would probably enjoy a dishcloth or two and cast on this and then this. Then the yarn I ordered surprised me by showing up in my mailbox. I must have been feeling generous when I ordered it because look what I got:

People, I can’t knit up this yarn and send it off to gods know where! The only thing I want to do with this yarn is leave it on my desk where I can admire it and maybe sometimes cuddle it and sniff it.

I know. I have problems.

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