It worked!

The goddesses of knitting are truly smiling upon me.

The swatch behaved just as I thought it would, giving me a gauge of roughly 6.1 stitches per inch after I laundered it the way I would launder the finished garment. Hooray! Now I’m looking around for something to sacrifice so that my work on the actual sweater goes as smoothly. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “It worked!

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. Now you have to hope that the actual sweater works out to the same gauge, because all my swatches lie. Congratulations though!

  2. Hmmm….bury 3 DPNs (not the good ones, mind.) in your backyard and dance the wooly yarn dance above them under a full moon. Either your sweater will be easy as pie or your neighbors will give you really odd looks the next time you run into them at the grocery store. Or both. LOL

    Good luck!

  3. awwww I can’t see this sweater. I don’t belong yet to Ravelry. But, the swatch I can see and it looks neat!
    Could you take a copy of the sweater and post a pic? If not its ok. You can show us the progress as you go along…….

    Lots of Luck…..
    Carole in PA

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