Swap Virgin No More

I’ve been watching others out in the knit blogging world participate in yarn swaps pretty much since I started reading knit blogs a couple of years ago. When I found the Swap on a Budget group on Ravelry, I knew it was for me. The budget was $20 per swapper and my swap partner put together a fantastic package!

Not pictured is the beautiful hand-made card which I plan to keep forever. Thank you so much GumbyGooGoo!

Also, back at the beginning of May I won a blog contest! (Another first, w00t!)

If you haven’t discovered the Faery Knitting Podcast yet, I urge you to run over to iTunes and subscribe to it right now. At the start of each episode, Spinnerin reads a fairy tale then, after some insightful commentary on it, she rambles on about her goats and her garden (and her knitting, of course). She has a very pleasant speaking voice and is a fantastic reader. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing podcast, and I strongly urge you to check it out.

Now, I’m off to knit and read for the rest of the weekend. Cheers!