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Open Letter Monday

Dear Trader Joe:

Please place signage on or near your watermelon flats indicating the color of the inside of the melons.

yellow melon 6/30/2008

The yellow is always so jarring, especially if you are expecting a rich, sweet red. I am willing to forgive you this time, dear Joe, because the amazing swirly pattern is so pleasing to the eye, but please remember a sign (Yellow Flesh Melon!) next time.

Thank you and see you soon,


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It was worth it

We made the trek up to Massachusetts on Thursday to join in the wedding celebration of my husband’s step-brother and long-time girlfriend companion partner (seriously, what to you call her when they’ve been together nearly 10 years and have a kid? I mean, “partner” just makes them sound like an old lesbian couple, which they most certainly are not. But I digress…). I don’t normally care for weddings and their after-parties, but it was nice to see the couple so happy and excited. Luckily, the wedding part was short and I didn’t have to go to the reception since it was adults only. I was able to take the boys back to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool, some dinner, and a quiet evening with a movie on TV (and my knitting). But the best thing about this trip is that the wedding was near Northhampton. And we all know what’s in Northhampton, right?

Oh, yeah.

Webs was awesome. Seriously amazing. And somewhat overwhelming. My husband even came inside with me and helped wrangle the children while I browsed. The front of the shop is spacious and gorgeous and by far the largest yarn shop I’ve ever been in. And then we went in the back.

lots of yarn

I could have spent all day in there. It’s like a yarn expedition. But the kids were restless and grumpy and their daddy was bored to tears. Here’s how it sounded:

Me: Wow! Isn’t this amazing?! Have you ever seen so much yarn? Look at this! And this! Isn’t this yarn gorgeous? Look over there. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome.”

Him (wryly): Yeah, it’s really great honey.

I-6: Mommy, this is boring.

E2: (screaming his head off due to exhaustion and frustration).

I got some sock yarn on sale:

more sock yarn

and some that wasn’t

more sock yarn

then made a hasty exit. But I’ll be back. Oh yeah, I’ll definitely be back.


I am Spider-Man

We just got back from Massachusetts. I’m exhausted and will blog about the trip tomorrow. Today I offer you the results of this blog quiz which I found over at monster yarn. Cheers!

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

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One Pair Down

(Photo is linked to details on Ravelry. If you’re interested.)

Finished last night while watching the Colbert Report. I’d forgotten how much of a rush it is to finish a pair of socks. Woo!


My blog for the last 6 months

Picture 1
(courtesy of wordle)


Can’t Blog Now

Too busy knitting socks (and already a day behind because I had to frog and restart the toe-up monkeys–no purls this time).

So here’s your topic for today: Internet memes. Love ’em? Hate ’em? What is a meme, anyway? Discuss.

Knitting · Summer of Socks

It’s on, yo!

The Summer of Socks 2008 started today. Well, technically it started last night at midnight plus one minute, but I was in bed and fast asleep long before then. (I know. I’m so OLD.) So, when I got up with E2 at 6:30 this morning, I sent the Feather and Fan Cardigan on a much needed and well earned vacation and cast on these:

Two-at-a-time, toe-up Monkeys (with purls) in Fleece Artist’s Merino 2/6 Sock. It’s the Forest Dreamscape colorway (made famous by the Yarn Harlot as step-outs for her Knitty Gritty appearance). And so it begins.

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In which I take extreme measures.

This is what I looked like when I left the house this morning.

And this is what I looked like when I got home.

(Well, after a shower. There was a lot of crap product in my hair after the stylist spent about 20 minutes making it look all poofy. I’m not really a poofy kind of gal. Also, if your client tells you she’s going to wear the hair OFF the face, don’t waste your time and energy blowing it INTO the face. Ah, I see my bangs need a little more training.)

I’m sorry all you long hair enthusiasts. I just couldn’t take it any more. It was driving me c-r-a-z-y.  The hair was always on the back of my neck or in my face and so heavy all the time. Sometimes it stayed wet ALL day. It only looked good for about 5 minutes after I brushed it, so I either spent the day brushing it every 5 minutes or wearing it clipped up in the back or in a pony tail.

I LOVE my new hair. I feel so much taller.

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7 Random Things

I kind of fell down on my commitment to the ABC along, but I thought that in all fairness, I should do an “I” post.

I is for Isaac

7 Random things about Isaac

1. Isaac will be 7 in November.
2. He has one brown eye and one blue eye (hereditary heterochromia).
3. He won’t let me cut his hair (or take him to get his hair cut).
4. He loves to play Lego Star Wars on the Xbox.
5. His favorite color is purple.
6. His best friend is Josh.
7. He talks. A lot. Sometimes Often, we can’t shut him up.

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Whiskers on Wednesday

I know, I know. Wednesday is nearly over. But this is the attitude I had to deal with today.