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How I made a Batman Costume

E3 decided at the last possible minute that he would really prefer to be Batman instead Darth Vader for Halloween this year. I searched the local costume shops for a little boy sized Batman costume to no avail, and eventually decided to haul out the ol’ Kenmore.

Three years or so ago, I made a bat costume for Isaac following instructions for a bog coat I found online. Isaac still wears the now infamous bat costume on occasion so I figured it would translate very well into a BatMAN costume for E3. Here’s my story.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials
Software: Anti-Pill fleece in yellow, black and aluminum (gray)

Hardware: Generic sewing accoutrement

(restorative beverage optional but highly recommended)

Step 2: Cut and sew the gray fleece according to the instructions found here.

Step 3: Break for lunch

(Leftover roast chicken, rice and root veggies (the 3 R’s!!) sprinkled with nutmeg and pecans. Not pictured: pumpkin bread for dessert. Yum.)

Step 4: Make a Batman Logo and render it in fleece.

Essentially, I made an applique.

Step 5: From the black fleece, cut out a cape and hood. Attach to collar of jacket.

Step 6: Torture your child by stuffing him into his Halloween costume against his will.

(a side note, the shiner is because E3 took a header into the footrest of our Poang chair)

Step 7: Scream (silently) and pray for the strength and patience to survive the remaining years of mothering very young children.