Upside Down Kitteh

says “get back to work!”

(either that or “give me tuna”. My kittehese is a little rusty.)

One thought on “Upside Down Kitteh

  1. First: you about gave me a HEART ATTACK! “…gave up on NaNoWriMo”….fortunately, I read “changed my mind” BEFORE dialing the final “1” in 9-1-1. I MEAN, even though I don’t know how you really do it, and we haven’t really acted on it, I *still* consider you my “writing buddy”. Sheesh! Second, I recognize that kitteh look. While Mr Tremblingquill was out of town last weekend I had the laptop in the kitchen; any time I strayed into the living room (you know, ’cause Dr Phil was coming on) Evangeline stomped in and miaowed me right back to the laptop! I put her kitty bed on the table, and she spent most all the time he was gone sitting in there, in meatloaf mode, with her best Feline Baleful Glance. Sheesh! {G} That is one cute kitty, though, and resembles our Lilliane somewhat (although she’s a brown tabby and has fairly distinctive stripes..)

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