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How I made a Batman Costume

E3 decided at the last possible minute that he would really prefer to be Batman instead Darth Vader for Halloween this year. I searched the local costume shops for a little boy sized Batman costume to no avail, and eventually decided to haul out the ol’ Kenmore.

Three years or so ago, I made a bat costume for Isaac following instructions for a bog coat I found online. Isaac still wears the now infamous bat costume on occasion so I figured it would translate very well into a BatMAN costume for E3. Here’s my story.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials
Software: Anti-Pill fleece in yellow, black and aluminum (gray)

Hardware: Generic sewing accoutrement

(restorative beverage optional but highly recommended)

Step 2: Cut and sew the gray fleece according to the instructions found here.

Step 3: Break for lunch

(Leftover roast chicken, rice and root veggies (the 3 R’s!!) sprinkled with nutmeg and pecans. Not pictured: pumpkin bread for dessert. Yum.)

Step 4: Make a Batman Logo and render it in fleece.

Essentially, I made an applique.

Step 5: From the black fleece, cut out a cape and hood. Attach to collar of jacket.

Step 6: Torture your child by stuffing him into his Halloween costume against his will.

(a side note, the shiner is because E3 took a header into the footrest of our Poang chair)

Step 7: Scream (silently) and pray for the strength and patience to survive the remaining years of mothering very young children.

Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on Wednesday

This picture has appeared here before, but Doozer’s expression is classic “I’m going to bite your face” so I couldn’t resist posting it again for this Halloween edition of Whiskers On Wednesday! Now, go humiliate dress up your pet!


New Blogs

I’ve been kind of sucked into the computer lately. Of course, I’m still cranking away on my knitting projects and am very nearly finished with the two I have on the needles right now–a pair of socks for Mr. Interrupted and a pair of fingerless mitts for the same. (And no, they’re not Dashing. I’m doing the Maine Morning Mitts [ravelry] in his size after giving up on a pair of self-designed mitts in the Doctor Who scarf colors.) I’m not excited about these projects, though (sorry, sweetie) so they don’t make for very interesting blogging, and I can’t stop obsessing about casting on a sweater. For myself. Would it be crazy to knit a sweater while also trying to write a novel? Anyway, over the last couple of weeks while I’ve been in this slump, I’ve found a few new blogs–and not all of them are knitting blogs!

The first new one is Uberstrickenfrau. She hasn’t posted in a while, which is a shame because she is really really funny. Really.

Margaret and Helen have known each other for 60 years and started a blog as a way to maintain their transcontinental friendship. Helen is the loud mouth who keeps the blog up. She is outspoken and old. I love that. Fair warning: she is an Obama supporter.

Some moms are helicopter moms. Some are the opposite. Can you guess which kind I am?

Lastly, I found a great crockpot recipe over at A Year of Crockpotting.

Anybody out there reading anything new? I love finding new blogs. :-)

3 am Epiphany · random

I got nuthin’

This week’s 3am Epiphany just never materialized for me. The exercise was to choose a list of 10 words (e.g., the top 10 words of 2004) and write a story fragment using them. I simply wasn’t inspired by it. My sister had a good one, though. Come to think of it, my sister has had a string of really amazing blog posts, you should go over and read the last week or so. Speaking of lessons learned, I’ve learned a couple of lessons myself this week:

1. It’s not a good idea to eat crystallized ginger by the handful.

2. It’s easier, by far, to spin BFL than a Merino/Silk blend.

cute kids


Yesterday was E’s 3rd birthday. It’s amazing how quickly we go from here:

to here:

a Year in the Life

Happy birthday, EZ-E!


Another one down

Another long suffering UFO [ravelry] is now off the needles.

Isaac is the model, but the scarf is not for him. Actually, I’m not sure who it’s for. The original intended recipient has since developed a need for other (baby-sized) knitted items so I decided to save this for someone else. Lesson: a lot can happen in 6 months.

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Rhinebeck part 2, the Haul

So, over the last week or so, I decided that the only way I would learn how to spin and get good at it is to just jump right in and start doing it. I had purchased a Turkish drop spindle at the CT Sheep & Wool festival a couple of years ago, along with some fiber to go along with it, but never really picked it up. Then, I did that post about my Great Wheel and after much thought, decided that one day I would spin on that wheel. I joined a couple of spinning groups on ravelry. I watched some awesome videos on YouTube. Finally I had built up enough courage to do some spinning with my drop spindle. (More on that another time.) Fast forward to Rhinebeck, yesterday. Beforehand, I’d made a little mental shopping list:

1)BFL for spinning.



Check. (I am intensely embarrassed to say how much I spent on this single ounce of yarn, but it is definitely safe to assume that it is the reason I was unable to bring home my choice of fleece. The first thing Mr. Interrupted said when I showed it to him was, “yeah, but what are you going to do with it?” I have a few ideas. I would also add that I feel enormously lucky and blessed to be able to splurge on yarn this way.)

Not on the list: a doodad.